Address: H-7150 Bonyhád, Gyár u. 19.


Our company is located in the southern part of Hungary. We currently employ 90 people who work in 2 shifts, on 1200 squere meters. In the last 3 years we have had 70-80 employees on average, and our turnover was 5 million Euro per year. Kabelit Ltd. manufactures confenctioned cables and wires, cable harnesses, cable bundles. We offer professional solutions in this area. We are able to cut and strip cables up to 16mm in diameter with our machines. We can crimp terminals onto wires with or without a stripping unit.

You can also find an assortment of soldered connectors in our portfolio. As to quality control, the electric functionality of 100% of our cable harnesses is tested an a test board, not just random samples. We are also able to produce with hotmelt technology, we have both the nessessary machines and the experise at our disposal, as well as the capability to construct and manufacture tools.

Further products:

  • PCA / PCBA (“printed circuit board assembly”) with both through-hole construction and surface-mount (SMT – surface mount technology)
  • Switch cabinet design and construction


What more benefits will you get working with us?

  • Exceptional flexibility.

Proof: „Technische Lösungen oder Änderungen werden sofort umgesetzt und in der laufenden Fertigung implementiert.“ (Thomas Hauptmann, Thomas Hauptmann Elektronik GmbH).

  • Thanks to our flat organizational structure and low wages we offer very reasonable prices, which means more profit for you.

Proof: check out your profit boost opportunities with our free online calculator

“Durch die günstigen Konditionen von Kabelit konnte ich meine Wettbewerbsfähigkeit steigern.” (Franz Knorr, KnorrTec)

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